El huerfanito
Filmfest 2007

ORPHAN BOY A young half-orphan is sent into town to buy medicine for his sick father. He loses the money and is afraid to go home for fear of being punished. He gets to know Luchito, a boy who is mishandled by his father. The two totally desperate boys join forces to survive but fall into the hands of criminals who simply want to exploit them. The first film in the region to be shot digitally and subsequently screened in Lima. It played to 7 packed movie theaters for over several weeks.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Vladimir Estofanero Fuentes, Kenjy Hilasaca Sánchez, Laureano Mamani Uscamayta, Julian Miranda Mamani, Elizabeth Borda Humpir


Director: Flaviano Quispe Chaina