I Know the Way to the Hofbrauhaus
Filmfest 2008

A female mummy comes back to life, leaves her coffin and works as a tour guide in Munich. Hick (Achternbusch) is her assistant. Most of the tourists are Americans and Australians they show around Munich and take to the Hofbräuhaus. Let no one claim there is no such thing as a German comedy. H.A. is proof of that. (This film) is the finest, most lighthearted, most endearing, most wistful German comedy in years. As realistic as it is absurd because Achterbusch shows that we have to have one leg in the afterlife if we want a good laugh. H.G. Pflaum, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 21 Feb 1992

tags: Feature film

Cast: Herbert Achternbusch, Bettina Hauenschild, Barbara de Koy, Veronika von Quast, Hias Schaschko


Director: Herbert Achternbusch