Mix Wix
Filmfest 2008

They want to sell their socks to everyone. Not just white socks for the whites, but black, green, blue, and red ones as well. When all the whites have socks, then they'll start to canvass the blacks. If their appetite for buying has been whetted, the blacks will also be running around the tortured earth in white socks. They can't sell them bathing trunks because they no longer have any water. The advertising world has to come up with an idea of how one can sell bathing trunks to people dying of thirst. To start with, they can sell the blacks water at such inflated prices that they don't have enough money for foodstuffs. Thus, they start to starve and perspire – couldn't they do this in trunks? The entrepreneurial spirit doesn't let up. It gnaws away and burns within him as if it was a case of escaping the fires of hell which he has kindled and is keeping going with his business practices. Yes, socks and bathing trunks really are the best things against the fires of hell. Herbert Achternbusch, Filmfest München, Katalog, 1989 The story, such as it is, is that Mix Wix is the owner of a department store who literally squats on the roof of his store, while a horde of attendants flatter him and look after his every imaginable want. Even the name of the owner is a play on words, connoting someone who masturbates. The symbol is apt, in that this almost onanistic fantasy is intended to poke fun at the awful seriousness of Germany's intellectual classes. Clarke Fountain, www.allmovie.com

tags: Feature film

Cast: Herbert Achternbusch, Judit Achternbusch, Alfred Edel, Annamirl Bierbichler


Director: Herbert Achternbusch