Heal Hitler!
Filmfest 2008

Wouldn't it have been better if the Germans had sunk into their blissful dreams instead of stepping out and scaring the world out of its wits. Why didn't Hitler become an artist? Why was he insane? Was he incurable? And I have to make this shameless statement curing Hitler would have cured the German people. My film deals with the German past, in the hopes that those who dismiss National Socialism as a mere hiccup in German history may lose the use of their eyes and ears. HEAL HITLER! was made on Super 8 and transferred onto 35mm, which must be a first for a feature film. HEAL HITLER! cost a grand total of 200.000 German marks and took 11 days to shoot. My own and my friends' work was unpaid. But it could become a model for new young filmmakers – in Germany. Herbert Achternbusch, 1986

tags: Feature film

Cast: Herbert Achternbusch, Gunther Freyse, Waltraud Galler, Gabi Geist


Director: Herbert Achternbusch