Rita Ritter
Filmfest 2008

In one of his wittiest films since the 1977 BYE-BYE BAVARIA!, writer and director Herbert Achternbusch focuses on a couple who have separated, but they meet again in Paris, find they are still in love, and go out to enjoy the city. The hitch is that one of them has had a sex change in the meantime, so they are now a lesbian couple. The former male, a bored and frustrated writer in more than one sense, adopted the name of the woman he loved, Rita, after he became female. It is Rita whom he/she discovers on the stage in Paris, culminating in a happy reunion between one old Rita and another newly created. Eleanor Mannikka, www.allmovie.com

tags: Feature film

Cast: Annamirl Bierbichler, Christiane Cohendy, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Barbara Valentin


Director: Herbert Achternbusch