The Olympic-winning lady
Filmfest 2008

Then I, little Herbert, popped up in Adi's dreams to ask him, to start looking around for my mother-to-be. He finds her. By faking a suicide attempt my father lures my mother to him. They conceived me on his surgery floor. And the second World War prevented her from winning the Olympics. Forlorn and more penniless than ever, she wants to die: life should be brutally mastered, or else on with the gas! She wins, and in excruciating agony delivers me, the over-large Herbert, into the world. Herbert Achternbusch

tags: Feature film

Cast: Herbert Achternbusch, Annamirl Bierbichler, Maité Nahyr, Judit Achternbusch, Franz Baumgartner


Director: Herbert Achternbusch