Erwin, the Negro
Filmfest 2008

Erwin, the negro is a film. A fable, a metaphor, a tragedy, a lovely story to which one does not do justice by telling it instead of seeing it. It is really a film. If one were to try and tell the story it would be like trying to tell the story of Herbert Achternbusch. It would be a presumption, it would mean cutting him into pieces. Each piece might possibly still be the whole Achternbusch, but only if he himself were the storyteller. Herbert Achternbusch, 1981 The story centers on a "film" man just out of prison who has to make a living with his craft again. He is followed by a reporter who wants an interview, and winds up at an inn called 'Neger Erwin', run by a woman whom he convinces to be the leading lady in his planned production. As the story continues, the filmmaker finds ample excuses to pan the financial powers that be... Eleanor Mannikka.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Herbert Achternbusch, Annamirl Bierbichler, Helga Loder, Alois Hitzenbichler


Director: Herbert Achternbusch