No man's land
Filmfest 2008

The role of Achternbusch is seen in home-movie-like films edited in between the trials scenes. These films within the film, experimental sketches which resemble amateur films, were shot in Mongolia. Achternbusch had Mongolian nomads take part. Within the logic of the film, the Mongolians play the role of the annihilated and maltreated American Indians. Achternbusch considers the genocide of the Indians incompatible with the American ideal of freedom and that it is time for reparations. In white cowboy boots, Achternbusch fusses inimitably with his traffic signs to the visible astonishment of the Mongolian bystanders. The so-called American sections were shot by Achternbusch in Oberbayern and Südtirol, while the sections which are set in Mongolia were really shot there. International Film Festival Rotterdam, Catalog, 1992

tags: Feature film

Cast: Barbara de Koy, Marie Binet, Herbert Achternbusch, Margit Wolf


Director: Herbert Achternbusch