Rooster’s Breakfast
Filmfest 2008

Rooster's Breakfast is a Slovenian expression for sex in the morning. And that's what this heartfelt comedy, which broke all box office records in Slovenia, is all about: Sex and its neurochemical side effect called love. Young auto mechanic Djuro has his eye on pretty Bronja, while his elderly boss Gajas is in love with even prettier Severina. The only problem is that both women are totally out of their league: Bronja is married to the local gangster boss, and Severina is a huge pop star famed throughout former Yugoslavia. While Djuro starts a risky affair with the gun moll, balding Gajas achieves the seemingly impossible stunt of landing a romantic date with the beautiful singer. A subtly staged and excellently acted portrait of life in Slovenian society, as well as a bitter-sweet study of men, women and the insanity that goes on between them. In short: A little masterpiece well worth watching. By the way, Severina is a real pop star, and has a tounge-in-cheek cameo playing her own double. Based on the novel by Feri Lainscek.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Vlado Novak, Primoz Bezjak, Pia Zemljic, Dario Varga


Director: Marko Nabersnik