Filmfest 2008

The goodfellas who came to Vegas in the 70s, before the government ended the mob's control over gambling, found a fantasy island of cash for the taking. It was a place to exceed the most grandiose dreams of the petty crooks of Mean Streets and GoodFellas. Sam 'Ace' Rothstein saw Vegas as 'a morality carwash.' As long as he let the mob skim its take in the counting rooms, Ace could run four casinos, wear sharp suits, live large in a house with a pool, marry former showgirl Ginger McKenna, raise a family and pass for respectable among the politicians he bribed. No need for Ace to get his hands dirty. Nicky Santoro, Ace's hit-man pal just in from back home with his wife and son, takes care of the head busting. The fragile house of cards collapses when Nicky fucks around with Ace's business and his wife. The public fallout from this violent love triangle costs the mob its hold on Vegas. Scorsese plays it as Shakespearean tragedy with Ace as an Othello so driven by jealousy and pride that he loses his wife and his fiefdom. Peter Travers, Rolling Stone, 12-14-95

tags: Feature film

Cast: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, James Woods, Kevin Pollak


Director: Martin Scorsese