Foster Child
Filmfest 2008

Thelma, together with her husband Dado and teenage sons Gerald and Yuri, belongs to an urban poor family hired by a local foster care facility to provide temporary home and care to abandoned babies pending the latter's formal adoption. The inevitable separation is always a heart-rending event to the foster family. This is the story of such an event, when Thelma's latest foster child John-John is to be turned over to his adoptive American parents. Every moment with the 3-year-old becomes precious as Thelma goes through the day fulfilling her duties for the last time - bathing John-John, feeding him and bringing him to school where the boy participates in a school presentation. Accompanied by the social worker Bianca, Thelma and Yuri take John-John to the plush hotel where the American couple is waiting ... "With a docu-like authenticity, Mendoza has a feel for neorealism that's proving to be his forte... with both Picache and Domingo appearing to live their parts rather than perform them." Variety

tags: Feature film

Cast: Cherry Pie Picache, Eugene Domingo, Jiro Manio, Alwyn Uytingco


Director: Brillante Mendoza