Filmfest 2008

People Yang Fan returns to his hometown of Shenyang. The dramatic changes in the city make him recall things that happened to his family ten years earlier, such as his mother losing her job in a community factory. Yang Fan’s father also worked in a state-owned factory. In the 1990’s the sweeping economic reforms in China caused large numbers of state-owned factories to close down. In March 1997, Yang Jianlin lost his job and became a laid-off worker… "In 2005 I ran into an old school mate, Yang Fan, at a school reunion. He told me what happened to his family after he graduated from our middle school. The experience of his family inspired me to do some research about the economic reforms in China in the Nineties and I started to write a screenplay based on his true story." Gu Haiping “Unsentimentally and step by step, the film lays bare the lack of prospects for ordinary people in a rapidly changing industrial society.” B.K.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Zhu Decai, Gu Liqiang, Shi Yangping, Tai Zi


Director: Gu Haiping