Night Train
Filmfest 2008

Night Train Night Train is a black-as-pitch comedy with a sense of humour so dark and precise and slightly screwy that it emerges like tiny sparks against a night sky. We’re never too far from thriller territory, either: Diao manages to keep both in a rivetingly tense balance. Its two central characters are workers in an utterly desolate backwater in Shaanxi province... Each is fundamentally locked in a kind of emotional isolation, and each tries bizarrely to reach out to people around them, primarily through acts of desperate sex. The film’s visual elements are so precisely controlled that the result is breathtaking: what Diao can do with a rigorously limited palette of blacks, greys and blues (and the odd essential highlight in red) is masterful, while his expertly executed long tracking shots recall Hungarian master Béla Tarr. Precisely, classically timeless - and savagely modern. Vancouver International Film Festival "A chilling view of crime and punishment." International Herald Tribune

tags: Feature film

Cast: Dan Liu, Dao Qi, Wei Xu, Yuxi Wu


Director: Yinan Diao