Waiting For Love
Filmfest 2008

Three episodes about three couples with each possibly portraying the turning point of the relationship. First episode: Lim and Amelia are a couple who have been together for almost five years. While he works as a salesman trying to save up for marriage, the girl is not really sure that he's the one she wants to marry. One day he confronts her about a letter from an admirer. Second episode: Pete and Bernice are a couple who have been together almost ten years. They're not married because he doesn't believe in marriage. While she tags along, one day she realizes this may not be the man she wants to end up with. Third episode: Amy and Lai are secret lovers. This may be their last meeting. Maybe not. They may have loved each other in the past but what about now? James Lee WAITING FOR LOVE is the third and final film in James Lee's Love Trilogy.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Loh Bok Lai, Amy Len, Bernice Chauly, Pete Teo


Director: James Lee