Small Gods
Filmfest 2008

Elena Douwe is accused of murder. Her lawyer, preparing her defence, interviews her to set the facts straight. She tells him about her car accident and the tragic loss of her son. She describes her sudden disappearance from the hospital where she was being treated. She claims she did not escape, but instead was kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. Her tale is the desperate attempt to reconstruct her memories of it all... "SMALL GODS is a film about faith, but not faith in a religious sense. The film needs the involvement of the audience to create its story, its judgement. Each viewer has an individual truth. Each opinion or view adds to the story of the film and makes it more than just moving images. I wanted to make an honest and personal movie about family, guilt, revenge and murder." Dimitri Karakatsanis

tags: Feature film

Cast: Steffi Peeters, Titus de Voogdt, Dirk van Dijck


Director: Dimitri Karakatsanis