The King of Ping Pong
Filmfest 2008

Rille (16) is ostracized and bullied; a nobody. Everywhere, that is, except in the ping pong room. There he rules; he is the King of Ping Pong. His brother Erik (13) is charming, respected and loved by all. Despite the profound difference between them, they share the same blood; at least that is what they both believe. When they learn the truth about their father during their spring break, they become bitter adversaries engaged in a life and death struggle. “Likeable spirit, strong performances and cross-generational appeal” Screen Daily "This tender tale of two very different teenage brothers shows real cinematic assurance" Geoff Andrew, Time Out

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jerry Johansson, Hampus Johansson, Georgi Staykov, Ann-Sofie Nurmi


Director: Jens Jonsson