Johnny 316
Filmfest 2008

A penniless Street preacher spends his days giving out pamphlets and spreading the word of God. One day, he meets Sarah, a beautiful bereft hairdresser who lost her job. She follows the preacher home and tries to seduce him. Despite his deep attraction to her, he pushes her away. Sarah continues to pursue him, convinced that she can win him over... "A true curio for Vincent Gallo's hardcore fan club, vet musicvid director Erick Ifergan's JOHNNY 316 takes Oscar Wilde's 'Salomé' and transfers it to Hollywood Boulevard. Lensed in 1998 (while Gallo was struggling to get completion funds for his first film, BUFFALO 66), pic was then reworked with added shooting and finally finished in 2006 (with a corresponding copyright date). Gallo's co-star Nina Brosh, who plays Sally, was one of the world's hottest supermodels at the time of shooting, and seemed prime for a film career. Nine years later, Brosh has retired from modeling and showbiz for a quiet family life in her native Israel, leaving behind JOHNNY 316 as her only film credit." Variety

tags: Feature film

Cast: Vincent Gallo, Nina Brosh, Seymour Cassel, Louise Fletcher


Director: Erick Ifergan