A Graceful Exit
Filmfest 2008

Heinz Kilian – grumpy, aging and almost forgotten author, critic and chronologist of the Federal Republic of Germany – has a rumbling in his stomach. When the doctors can't find anything wrong with him except his disastrously unhealthy eating habits, he hires a nutritionist, Vera Hartel, to accompany him on his reading tour. The journey soon becomes a clash of two worlds. Whereas Kilian is firmly convinced that the cultural and intellectual wasteland that is today’s Germany is bound for obliteration, Vera is equally stubborn in letting Kilian know that he himself is the object of his tirades, and that his fury is actually his fear of his own death. The trip becomes an ongoing duel between despair and hope, between cynicism and open-mindedness. Both of them have lived to long to change their outlooks. The only question that remains is whether Kilian will succeed in destroying the prison he’s constructed for himself out of his 'principles' while there's still time or whether he even wants to try.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Bruno Ganz, Monica Bleibtreu, Harald Schrott, Fritzi Haberlandt, Ulrich Noethen


Director: Rainer Kaufmann