Filmfest 2008

A fictional story inspired by true events, REDACTED is a unique cinematic experience that will force viewers to radically reconsider the filters through which we see and accept events in our world, the power of the mediated image and how presentation and composition influence our ideas and beliefs. A profound meditation on the way informations is packaged, distributed and received in an era with infinite channels of communication, REDACTED utilizes a variety of created source material, video diaries, produced documentary, surveillance footage, online testimonials, new pieces to comment on the extreme disconnect between the surface of an image and the reality of ideas and the truth, especially in times of strife. Centered around a small group of American soldiers stationed at a checkpoint in Iraq, REDACTED alternates points of view, balancing the experience of these young men under duress and members of the media with those of the local people, illuminating how each have been deeply affected by the current conflict.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Patrick Carroll, Rob Devaney, Izzy Diaz, Mike Figueroa


Director: Brian de Palma