Momma’s Man
Filmfest 2008

Momma's man began as a way of documenting the place where I grew up – in a rented loft in downtown Manhattan where my folks have been living for over 40 years. Tribeca, a neighborhood once overrun by artists, is now rapidly changing into some sort of St. Moritz. A young banker has recently bought the building, and though my parents have rent control, I know someday I will have to walk past the building and wonder who lives there. This truly pains me, and I hoped that the film would, in some way, allow me to reconcile with the inevitable. I wanted to use Momma’s Man as a way of letting go, a way to forever be able to visit the place and time, at least in two dimensions. It is a story about a man roughly the same age as me, who lives in California, also like me, who visits his folks and then refuses to leave. But he has a wife and kid whom he is abandoning, which I do not, and he has a nowhere job, which I do not. And he’s left behind his childhood dreams, which I haven’t. Azazel Jacobs

tags: Feature film

Cast: Matt Boren, Ken Jacobs, Flo Jacobs, Dana Varon, Richard Edson


Director: Azazel Jacobs