Filmfest 2008

A traveling pyramid-scheme salesman arrives in a small Pennsylvania town with his suitcase and a hornet’s nest. Thomas Lindsay is an awkward and self-conscious man, profoundly unsuited for sales work. Although he’s never seen it, he’s convinced that the Wellness product he offers for sale is an actual beneficial health-care system. Only in the course of Thomas’s arduous, ongoing pitch, as he gets deeper into debt and the Wellness company’s promises fail to materialize, does he gradually realize he has been brutally scammed. By the end of the film, Thomas must decide whether to carry through with his upcoming sales seminar, scamming other unwitting prospects to salvage some fraction of his life’s savings or keep his losses to himself. WELLNESS is a feature length, narrative film about the conflicts of conscience a lonely man faces after realizing he has been cheated out of his life’s savings. Shot on digital video with non-actors thrown into unrehearsed situations, the film is something like a documentary with a fictional premise.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jeff Clark, Paul Mahaffy


Director: Jake Mahaffy