The Paper Prince
Filmfest 2008

Julija lives with her parents who love her dearly but pay little real attention to her. One day when she has been left alone at home, Julija opens the door to Nikola, a suspicious survey-taker. Nikola first tries to rob the apartment but is prevented by Julija and they begin to become friends. Eventually Julija gives Nikola a pair of her mother’s earrings and a passport belonging to her father. Six months later, Julija discovers that her family is in danger because of the missing passport and realises that she is responsible for this. With the help of her schoolmate Pegi and an eccentric old lady, Ema, Julija begins to try to find Nikola in order to recover her father’s passport. The film looks at the process of maturing in both children and adults, and at the importance of the choices made by people, big and small, and between good and evil. 36TH FEST 2008, Belgrade

tags: Feature film

Cast: Milica Spasojevic, Stefan Lazarevic, Andrej Sepetkovski, Milica Mihajlov


Director: Marko Kostic