Where Is Winky's Horse?
Filmfest 2008

Santa Claus has returned to Spain and won’t be back until next year, on St. Nicolas’ Day. In the meantime, Winky Wong has been asked to look after his horse, Amerigo. Winky couldn’t imagine a better task and begins having riding lessons on Naf-Naf the pony. Aunty Cor and Uncle Siem teach her everything she needs to know about looking after horses. As much as Winky loves riding Naf-Naf, she is determined to ride Amerigo as well – but Aunty Cor and Uncle Siem are against this because he is too big for her. Winky disagrees. And then, Winky learns that her mother is pregnant. Winky is delighted, although she’s also a bit jealous, because now she will no longer be the centre of attention. Then an opportunity presents itself. Amerigo is alone and Winky seizes the moment. Now at last she can ride Santa's’ horse. But things go terribly wrong. Amerigo breaks out of his paddock. Winky sets off after him on her bike, but he is not to be found in any of the nearby dunes. Amerigo is gone. What to do? The sequel to WINKY'S HORSE. Berlinale

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ebbie Tam, Aaron Wan, Hanyi Han, Betty Schuurman


Director: Mischa Kamp