Filmfest 2008

Michèle shares her life with Paul, her husband and work colleague. She has a lover, Thomas, a musician with whom she has been having a passionate affair for some time. Attracted by Thomas’s nonconformity and lust for life, Michèle abandons her husband, her son and her profession to live this frenzy through to its conclusion. A quest for freedom and change which sends Michèle on a turbulent drift, but remains, nevertheless, intimate and personal… "YOU is a love story seen from the beginning and the end at once. It ’s the story of a woman who has 'lost' her life and will do anything to get it back. YOU is the Other, the person we’ re meant for. It ’s the outside view of oneself, as direct and unwavering as a historical narrative. YOU - the title is also terse, cold and cutting, like a blade thrust into flesh. The film deals above all with individuals who surrender to one another and to the Other, violently and hesitantly. I see the film primarily as an opening, a passageway, a door that won’ t close, an inquiry with no final answers. An existential angst." François Delisle

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anne-Marie Cadieux, Laurent Lucas, Marc Béland, Raphaël Dury


Director: Francois Delisle