Cosmic Boy
Filmfest 2008

Cosmic and his friends Luna and Li'l Bro live on the Planet of Children in the Year 2473, a completely artificial world where everything is controlled by The Program and all children must wear wristwatches that remind them what to do. The Program is under control of Murkmass, who stays hidden in the shadows. The children must accumulate enough points to move to the next level of growing up and one day become Supercomplex Adults. One day the three kids get lost in the tubes of their world and find themselves on the Sunflower Planet, where a circus director named Mr. World Turner appears, along with the clown Now-Now and the magician Zaz-Traz, and takes them along to the circus, made out of recycled garbage toys, and to visit the incredible can-made train. They make so many discoveries that when Captain Program comes to rescue them, he has a hard time convincing them to go back. First they will have to overcome the evil Murkmass, however. A colorful and fantastic fairy tale from the not-so-distant future.

Narrators: Aleph Naldi, Bianca Rayen, Mateus Duarte, Raul Cortez

tags: Animation


Director: Alê Abreu