Filmfest 2008

Jerzy Nowak, an aging actor, well-known in Poland (Schindler’s List, Andrzej Wajda's THE PROMISED LAND among others) decides to donate his body to science after his death. This intimate documentary shows the process of making that decision, the actor’s dilemmas and his musings on death. Nowak is terminally ill and wants to tell the story from the perspective of a dying man. As an actor, it is both his last role and his first leading part. The film looks at the inevitable with a fine sense of irony and is often surprisingly positive. "Successfully walks the tightrope between the professional and the personal. Even when it approaches potential cliche, helmer keeps a profoundly detached eye." Variety, Feb. 5, 2008

With: Jerzy Nowak, Marie Andruszkiewicz-Nowak, Jan Adamski, Robert Jarosz

tags: Documentary


Director: Marcin Koszalka