Burn the Bridges
Filmfest 2008

Our first important choices in life are part of a difficult process that forces us to fight what we love the most so we can discover who we really are. Helena and Sebastián are teenagers, brother and sister, who have to burn their bridges to find their way between the happiness and the pain that life brings us. Production Notes "A film about teenage passion, in which action precedes judgment. It describes the path to authenticity and freedom that every human being must travel when facing an ecstatic ambiance that pushes them to the edge of submission and uniformity. It is an invitation to defeat the fear of burning the bridges to find our own voice." Francisco Franco Audience Award and Best Cinematography at Morelia Fim Festival.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Irene Azuela, Ángel Onésimo Nevares, Claudette Maillé, Aida Lopez


Director: Francisco Franco Alba