The Deal
Filmfest 2008

Charlie Berns, a long-time Hollywood producer down-on-his-luck and on the verge of suicide, cons a major studio into financing a $100 million film based on a non-existent script about Benjamin Disraeli, starring a black action star who has converted to Judaism, and shoots the picture in South Africa. But when the leading man gets kidnapped and the picture gets shut down, Berns flees to Prague with beautiful Hollywood studio executive Deidre Hearn and uses the studio's blocked funds to make a completely different picture. Based on Peter Lefcourt's comedic novel, THE DEAL spoofs all things Hollywood. "The mischievous charm in this smart screwball satire about renegade producers bamboozling a soul-crushing industry hinges on the wonderfully crackly Tracy-Hepburn chemistry between Macy and Ryan. Steven Schachter's tongue-in-cheek romp revels in sending up Hollywood stereotypes—zealous star, histrionic director, slippery suits... and even the notion that it’s possible to make a meaningful movie." Sundance Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: William H. Macy, Meg Ryan, LL Cool J, Elliott Gould


Director: Steven Schachter