My Enemy’s Enemy
Filmfest 2008

Kevin Macdonald’s return to documentaries, after his Oscar winning film THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, is an uncompromising, unsettling and provocative dark journey into the world of Klaus Barbie. The former Gestapo commander terrorized Lyon and the surrounding region from November 1942 to August 1944. This shadowy voyage, rife with government conspiracy and violent bloodshed, culminates with the infamous 1987 French trial for his role in Hitler’s final solution. Known as “The Butcher of Lyon” for his hand in the torture and murder of hundreds of civilians during WWII, we follow Barbie as he turns from rampant Nazi war criminal to American counter intelligence and interrogation officer... MY ENEMY’S ENEMY reveals some of the most controversial events of our recent history... Macdonald blends striking debate, wit, and visual panache in his quest to expose the truth behind the chilling contradictions of Klaus Barbie. AllMoviePortal

With: Neal Ascherson, Ute Messner, Andre Cerdini, Marcel Stourdze

tags: Documentary


Director: Kevin Macdonald