The Best is Yet to Come
Filmfest 2008

"Life’s not over when you’re 70. The best is yet to come.“ In the case of screw manufacturer Karl Maillinger this is especially true and the best comes even sooner than expected. When Maillinger, a vigorous entrepreneur through and through, invites his four grown-up children to his hunting lodge for his birthday they have no idea what surprises he has in store for them. They're astounded when he informs them he's planning on marrying his young Moldavian maid. Anna, his eldest daughter, feels she has failed her father and the company since her mother’s death. And her siblings are all worried about their inheritance. Old grudges flare up and conflicts escalate but in the course of the turbulent weekend the tide begins to turn...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Friedrich von Thun, Sophie von Kessel, Marc Hosemann, Fabian Hinrichs


Director: Rainer Kaufmann