Filmfest 2008

A worker engaged in preparing an old house for demolition, opens a trapdoor in the floor and makes a macabre discovery presaging the tragic end of one of the many people who have inhabited the house over the past fifteen years. This is a house that has seen its share of odd tenants... To finish his career in a blaze of glory, a thief decides to arrange a theft in his own apartment; a couple is offered $125,000 for a painting they once possessed but now seems to have gone missing; a student scheduled to be interviewed for a job that he needs badly, keeps practicing his spiel obsessively long after the appointed time has past; a couple looking to have a baby advertise for a sperm donor and are surprised by who answers their ad; an aging amateur boxer, adamant to demonstrate that he still can go a few rounds with his daughter's new boyfriend, finds that time has taken its toll on his body. Nominated for Canada's Genie Awards for best original screenplay 2008.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Emmanuel Bildeau, Isabelle Blais, Raymond Bouchard, Ève Duranceau


Director: Marc-André Lavoie, Simon Olivier Fecteau