Police Call 110 - Rosi's Baby
Filmfest 2008

Detective Jürgen Tauber and his partner Jo Obermaier meet Rosi, who has Down sydrome, after her mother, Judith Drechsler, was assaulted and robbed at a highway rest area and subsequently fell into a coma. There are no witnesses to the crime, not even Rosi, who had just had an argument with her mother in the restaurant. The two detectives soon find out that 19-year-old Rosi has Down Syndrome, is pregnant and was apparantly on the way to an abortion clinic with her mother. Rosi refuses to divulge who the father is. But then everything points to Claus, the physically challenged son of a dentist. And Claus tends to act aggressively at times. Was is him? Juliana Götzke, the actress who plays Rosi, has Down Syndrome. She has been a member of the ensemble of Berlins award-winning theater group RambaZamba since 1996.

tags: TV series

Cast: Edgar Selge, Michaela May, Juliana Götze, Michael Brandner


Director: Andreas Kleinert