Standing Alone
Filmfest 2008

12-year-old Mohammad has written the best story in an inter-school competition and is to be awarded a prize. But on the day of the award ceremony Mohammad must first help his father who works for a carpet dealer. Wearing his one good suit, Mohammad runs errands for the insensitive carpet dealer. The final task is too difficult and an accident leads to an argument between the boy and the merchant. Without hearing his son's side of the story, his father concludes that Mohammad has disrespected an elder and should be punished. Mohammad must now try to make his way through the town while avoiding his own father. Will he still make it to the ceremony on time? Faced with authority figures who fail to listen to him or consider his needs, Mohammad still finds the courage to stand up to injustice, bullying and false accusations. Powerfully moving and providing insight into Iranian cultural customs and celebrations, STANDING ALONE illustrates the importance of maintaining one's honesty and integrity even when circumstances are not in your favor. SPROCKETS

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hossein Mahjoub, Abdol-Reza Fayazi, M. Reza Hossein-Abadi, Aazam Soleymani


Director: Gholam Reza Ramezani