Orz Boyz
Filmfest 2008

Loathed by teachers for their unruliness and talent for tall tales (which they use to scam other kids for loose change), they are nicknamed Liar No. 1 and Liar No. 2, and banished to the library to repair books. This becomes their hotbed of storybook adventure, fueling a belief that a nearby marine park is a "portal to hyper-space" - some magical shortcut to adulthood. However, their plan is spoiled by an act of betrayal that leads to the loss of innocence. Hollywood Reporter "We all wanted to grow up sooner when we were kids. As adults, we often wish we can go back to our childhood and hide there. Given that, even the slightest memory of childhood happiness will provide enough warmth for us to stay in the bitter cold world we have grown up into. This film is dedicated to the children who want to rush into adulthood, as well as the grown-ups who wish to be kids again." Yang Ya-Che "Sassy young cinema with brilliant cartoon elements." B.K.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Lee Kuan-Yi, Pang Chin-Yu, Mei Fang, Ma Chih-Hsinag


Director: Ya-Che Yang