Elephant Heart
Filmfest 2008

Six year old Louis and his mother live in a small, sleepy village in Brandenburg. A dream seems to become true for Louis when his mother gets a job interview in Berlin and can't find a babysitter: a visit to the Berlin Zoo. He is more fascinated by the big city than by his aunt Marita. She is a single, childless career woman who lives for her work and is not interested in children at all. Still, Louis is enthusiastic. His stressed-out aunt is a price worth paying to get to the zoo. He does his best to please her but the more he listens the worse things get. Instead of making it to the zoo they end up at a police station...

tags: Short film, Feature film

Cast: Noah Damm, Steffi Kühnert, Sanne Schnapp, Andreas Schmidt


Director: Julia Ziesche