Deadly Sins
Filmfest 2008

Polonius Fischer is an ex-monk turned police detective. He's still a Christian albeit a rather unusual one. And even now, as a middle-aged cop, he continues to be preoocupied by how good and evil originate in people and especially by the Fifth Commandment – "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Winter in Munich: Fischer is investigating the murder of a young woman. It doesn't take long to identify the victim, but where is her seven-year-old daughter? In his search for both the murderer and the child, Fischer is confronted with the depths of human depravity - murder on demand and what seems to be an addiction to suicide. Could a murderer have actually killed in order to save the victim's child? Is the dead woman linked to another woman found strangled in a small chapel outside Munich? And who is the man from the Chinese takeaway who apparently knew both of them? Then, everything suddenly seems to fall into place and a suspect is jailed. Fischer is no fan of open-and-shut cases, and in this case, unfortunately, he's right ...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hanns Zischler, Lisa Marie Potthof, Matthias Brandt, Christoph Waltz, Klaus Ofczarek


Director: Matti Geschonneck