The Speed of Life
Filmfest 2008

Sammer is a 13 year old boy who escapes the streets of New York City by stealing video cameras from tourists. He and his friends quickly sell the cameras, but Sammer always keeps the tapes. Alone in his bedroom Sammer explores this world of footage, infatuated by all the far away places and other people's seemingly happy lives. While slowly stashing enough money away so he, too, can travel to these distant places, Sammer must first deal with his older brother who is getting out of prison, while also caring for his ailing foster mother. As Sammer and his gang skip school or camp on the rooftops of buildings, they are confronted by a host of characters who stand in their way: a juvenile probation officer who doesn't like juveniles, an ex-con who hides puppies, and an old man with a secret who thinks he can fly. Sammer's experiences waver between fantasy and the harsh reality of growing up in Brooklyn, and he soon discovers that not all tourists are happy, that he must go to Alaska and that cameras can indeed fly – even if people cannot.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jeremy Allen White, Justin Soto, Samantha Hosie-Leung, Robert Seymour


Director: Ed Radtke