Class Struggle
Filmfest 2008

There are hardly any other countries where grade school students are so mercilessly sorted out as in Germany. Those who don't make it to secondary school (Gymnasium or Realschule) end up in the so-called "Hauptschule". It's considered the pits - for losers, the dumb, lazy and potentially violent. Nobody wants to go to "Hauptschule". For an entire year, documentary filmmaker Uli Kick filmed a 9th-grade class in a Munich "Hauptschule". Half of the students come from migrant families, where German is hardly ever spoken at home, if at all. Many kids have only one parent and would be entirely left to themselves were it not for their teachers - and that wonderful janitor who keeps an eye on the premises by CCTV but who also takes more care of some children than their parents. War trauma, poverty, sick mothers, absentee fathers - these burdens often leave little energy for school. However, even in these classrooms, one can find astonshingly talented students. CLASS STRUGGLE is a real-life drama full of moving stories and tragic-comic moments. filmworks

tags: Documentary


Director: Uli Kick