Tied Up
Filmfest 2008

Three years ago, Benedikt Kirchner ran over a little girl named Lena. He was driving under the influence. He now returns to his small Bavarian hometown of Baching and is convinced that it is the only place where he can ever be happy. He is determined to face his demons, his feelings of guilt head on. He has paid the legal price but the moral repercussions will never disappear. Benedikt’s homecoming opens old wounds. Especially for Lena’s parents, Gabi and Bernhard Stemmer, who, in the meantime, have separated. And for Benedikt’s ex-girlfriend Annette, who is now with Benedikt’s younger brother Robert with whom she has a child. And for Laura an old high school flame of Benedikt's... A pleasingly unpretentious film about love, death and home - a story told with sweet poignancy. www.br-online.de

tags: Feature film

Cast: Thomas Unger, Stefan Murr, Bernadette Heerwagen, Marisa Burger


Director: Matthias Kiefersauer