The Friend
Filmfest 2008

Emil has fallen in love with Larissa. But before the two can really get to know one another, Larissa dies unexpectedly. And Emil, who only wants to obscure the sad truth about Larissa’s death, is mistaken for her former boyfriend. Larissa’s family takes a sincere liking to Emil; her sister Nora even begins to take an interest in the young man who had apparently been with Larissa during the last weeks of her life. Emil is suddenly needed and finds he is able to console Larissa’s family. But the closer his relationship with Nora becomes, all the more difficult it becomes for Emil to live with his fabricated past. Micha Lewinsky has made a wonderfully melancholic debut film which deals with such serious topics as death, mourning, love and humor in a easygoing manner. In short: a profound tragi-comedy.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Philippe Graber, Johanna Bantzer, Andrea Bürgin, Michel Voita


Director: Micha Lewinsky