Out of Control
Filmfest 2008

Police Officer Klaus Schneider is not happy. His ex-wife Isabell has gained custody of their thirteen-year-old son Justus. Klaus behaves like an idiot, helpless and aggressive. And then, of all times, he gets ripped off by a Rumanian thief, a street kid the age of his son. Sherban is a professional, raised and abused by adults who know all about forming and exploiting gangs of underage criminals. As a police officer, Klaus knows how he can find Sherban. At first he just wants to get his belongings back. And he wants to teach the boy a lesson. But then, after a while, Klaus starts to feel sorry for the boy. And Sherban teaches him a thing or two about his relationship to his own son ...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Martin Brambach, Radu Nedela, Phillip Epping, Katerina Medvedeva


Director: Tobias Stille