Those Three
Filmfest 2008

When three soldiers go AWOL from their military training in the Iranian desert, they must band together to survive in a brutally unforgiving landscape. Yousef, Dariush and Essi seem to have little plan other than escape when they first abandon their convoy and wander off into the winter landscape. Lost and unmoored in a world with no recognizable landmarks, they quickly descend into fighting and blame. A chance encounter with a man and child leads them to an abandoned village, where the discovery of a pregnant refugee, who's been robbed and left in this desolate wasteland, changes everything. "This is filmmaking pared down to its fundamental elements: black and white, life or death. The film's bravura visual style is painterly in its execution. Visual intensity is met and matched by an exquisitely constructed soundscape that makes use of the way noises carry in a vast and empty space, and the constant battering of wind and snow to create a near-corporeal physical presence." 26th Vancouver Intl. Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Yousef Yazdani, Dariush Ghazbani, Esmail Movahedian, Javad Saremi


Director: Naghi Nemati