The Thin Girls
Filmfest 2008

The thin girls is not about models, fashion, celebrities or fame. It's about a cry for help. It's about anorexia, a disease that leads to a death by starvation in our world of abundance. It's about girls next door, about their agony, their struggles with anorexia. The film examines their problems and conditions of the soul, that lead to such terrible self-destruction. The film begins in a clinic for people with eating disorders. Some of the women are there for a short time, some for a very long time, some will abandon therapy, some will be discharged, some will come back time and time again. For all of them the disease will be a lifetime companion. The illness varies in its causes, patterns, and degree. The women affected differ in terms of family background, personal strength, in self esteem, and in how they cope with the disease. What they all have in common is “a hungry soul in a starving body”. Maria Teresa Camoglio & Michael Bertl

tags: Documentary


Director: Maria Teresa Camoglio