The Wackness
Filmfest 2008

NYC, summer 1994. A tender and cool coming of age story. Pot dealing kid Luke Shapiro is trying to figure out how to solve his parents' insolvency, beat depression, and get laid before pushing off to college. Luckily he's got a deal with a psychiatrist, Dr. Squires, who trades therapy sessions for grass. It happens that the doctor's marriage is crumbling, so the two - one in late adolescence, the other in late middle age - embark on a passage into new life stages. As Luke falls for a classmate who just happens to be Squire's daughter, the summer heats up, he follows the doctor's orders, learning to co-exist with pain and make it a part of himself, rather than let it become his downfall. A great, energetic soundtrack of vintage hip hop standards punctuates the movie throughout. Winner of the Audience Award, Sundance, 2008.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Josh Peck, Famke Janssen, Olivia Thirlby


Director: Jonathan Levine