Chaotic Ana
Filmfest 2008

Ana is a beautiful 18-year-old free-spirited girl living in Ibiza. She devotes her passion for life to her naive paintings. One day, Justine, a cosmopolitan patron of the arts, invites Ana to explore her work further by moving to Madrid, where she will live amongst a group of young artists that Justine protects. This is the beginning of a journey that will send Ana to new continents, prompting her to uncover, through hypnosis, her past lives that have crossed centuries of remote myths. Ana will be challenged to break the chain of ancestral violence that lingers in her chaotic soul. "With SEX AND LUCIA and THE LOVERS OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE, Julio Medem firmly established his own dreamy, winding plots, suffused with philosophical themes and spiced with a liberal dose of sex. Medem's work is not to everyone's taste, but his new film is carried by imagination and a strong cast. The real charm of this film is that it keeps the viewer guessing what strange turn it will take. Or indeed what it is all about." Hollywood Reporter

Cast: Manuela Vellés, Charlotte Rampling, Bebe, Asier Newman

tags: Feature film

Cast: Manuela Vellés, Charlotte Rampling, Bebe, Asier Newman


Director: Julio Medem