Filmfest 2008

When their 17-year old son withdraws ever deeper into silent isolation, two former lovers try to restore the contact with each other and their son. But the conversations between the two only get harsher and fiercer and fail due to their frustrations from the past and their inability to listen to one another. While the parents lose themselves in endless verbal violence, the son withdraws into silence. STAGES lets these two contrasting worlds collide. And it gets across how slowly something is shifting in the relationship between the three family members who are so closely tied together but who nevertheless seem practically incapable of reaching one another. "STAGES came about in a special way. Together with Jolein Laarman, director Mijke de Jong wrote the outlines for the film. But the final result is a sum to which also actors Marcel Musters and Elsie de Brauwand and all their co-stars have greatly contributed; they have been working together for years and joined forces for this very special film." Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Elsie de Brauw, Marcel Musters, Stijn Koomen, Jeroen Willems


Director: Mijke de Jong