Bloch - Forgiven, not forgotten
Filmfest 2008

Bloch becomes involved in the case of the sudden death of a newborn child. He knows the parents, Michael and Sabine Doran, who own a drug store. It appears as if Sabine killed her baby. Michael presses charges against his wife and turns down Bloch's offer to help. Bloch nevertheless finally succeeds in gaining the unstable woman's trust. She has been placed in a locked ward of a clinic and as Bloch sees it, the director of the institution is not providing her with the right treatment. Using psychological as well as investigative skills, Bloch tries to find out the truth...

tags: TV series

Cast: Dieter Pfaff, Birge Schade, Rainer Sellien, Ulrike Krumbiegel


Director: Michael Verhoeven