The Romance of Astrea and Celadon
Filmfest 2008

Celadon the shepherd and Astrea the shepherdess are united in pure love. Misled by a jealous suitor, Astrea orders Celadon to stay away from her for evermore. In his despair, he jumps into a rushing river. She thinks he is dead, but he is secretly rescued by a bevy of nymphs. Crazed with love and despair, coveted by the nymphs, surrounded by rivals and compelled to dress up as a woman in order to approach his beloved, how can he get her to recognize him without disobeying her? "The film's eroticism is identical to the eroticism in the novel - no more, no less. I really don't like directors, especially in the theater, who feel so comfortable with classical material that they throw in gratuitous nudity when it's completely unnecessary. When Honoré d'Urfé writes that one of his heroines reveals a breast, I follow that to a tee; I don't add a thing. But nudity isn't taboo in Honoré d'Urfé's writings, any more than it was in the painting of the time. So I had no reason to make it taboo." Eric Rohmer

tags: Feature film

Cast: Andy Giller, Stephanie Crayencour, Cecile Cassel, Jocelyn Quivrin


Director: Eric Rohmer