Old Fish
Filmfest 2008

Lao Yu, an old cop in Harbin, knows a thing or two about explosive. He's also about to retire and has a routine for family, work and leisure. When criminals start planting bombs in the city, he volunteers to defuse them, out of an old-school sense of duty and a deep-seated sense of duty and a deep-seated sense of boredom. One after another he defuses the bombs (and barks at his young colleague), until number 11, a big one... Played by real Harbin cops in their snow-bound city, OLD FISH is at once a solid action thriller and a subtle elegy to the sorrows of the "accidental heroes" that are becoming extinct in contemporary China. "All of this plays out in a very understated manner with moments of nervous humor intertwined. OLD FISH is in many ways a comical figure, but in truth a very heroic one." www.asian-cinema.blogspot.com

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ma Guowei, Pan Xingyi, Chi Qiang, Lan Jinglin


Director: Qunshu Gao