The Bridge
Filmfest 2008

April, 1945. Only a few weeks before the end of World War II, having escaped the massive bombing taking place throughout Germany, sixteen year-old Albert and his mother finally make their way to the relative safety of a small Bavarian town. Albert soon becomes friends with the slightly older Walter, who is in the midst of a secret affair with his widowed 29-year-old teacher Elfie. Walter’s father, the local chairman of the National Socialist Party, reports Elfie to the police in order to end the love affair. Shortly thereafter, Hitler’s army begins mobilizing their last troops and Albert and his new friends are recruited to help defend the area’s one main bridge. For the group of teenagers, who are proud to be involved in the war effort, the mission represents an exciting adventure. It’s not long, however, before their superiors flee, leaving the bridge’s defense completely in the hands of the young and poorly equipped recruits. What begins as a relatively unimportant operation quickly deteriorates into a life or death battle to survive ...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Franka Potenete, François Goeske, Lars Steinhöfel, Robert Höller


Director: Wolfgang Panzer